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How to Order

Genetically lean, our beef is tender with a very unique flavor. We use young cattle in our meat program. We do not add additives, steroids, or preservatives to our meat. The carcasses are aged 14 days to help insure tenderness. Lean beef requires a lower temperature when cooking. Because our beef has less fat it cooks faster and saves you time.

Our beef is sold per pound carcass weight. The average carcass weights about 750 pounds. A deposit of $100 is required on the beef when you place your order. We are selling the beef in whole or half carcasses. If this is too large an amount, you can have a half of beef split with a friend, if the cuts are the same. The remainder of the balance due on the meat is to be paid to us before the meat is picked up.

We deliver the animal to a certified state inspected processing plant. They charge so much a pound carcass weight for the processing. The meat is cry-o-vac (plastic-vacuum sealed for freshness) according to your cutting instructions. The processing is to be paid to the processing plant when you pick up the meat or prepaid including shipping before the meat can be shipped to you.

We have ground a whole animal into hamburger. No better hamburger can be found. Minimum order of 50 pounds or more is required for shipping. Call or e-mail us for our current prices.

Our supply is limited, so place your order soon. Print out our order form and return it to us along with your $100 deposit to get your order in for this year’s beef crop.

For more information, contact Gail Volk at 970-929-5181 or email to [email protected]